Healing Chakra gemstone chip necklace


Beautiful chakra gemstones include,garnet,amethyst,citrine,carnelian,garnet,blue lace agate, and lapis lazuli. The necklace measures approximately 32” long. Goes perfect with any outfit. Look for matching pieces.
Chakra stones balance the body and soul.
These are natural stones so there may be variations in color and size.

I have been searching for a chakra necklace that is beautiful but keeps the rugged integrity of the stones, and THIS IS IT!

This is a great necklace. I love wearing it. Great experience and will definitely buy from this shop again.

Amazing work, and I love the free gift that was paired with it.

I love this necklace wore it forever. Then on day I was holding my grandson and he grabbed it and broke it. But I did order another one.

beautiful chakras necklace it was a good length so I could also use it as like a little waist bead/belt looks so cute with skirts!

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